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Fetal Heart Monitor App

Easy To Use:

My Baby’s Beat is a unique, state-of-the-art, IOS and Android application that monitors a fetus’s heartbeat during pregnancy. The app uses only the device’s microphone, with no accessory required.

The ultimate bonding experience:

My Baby’s Beat enables pregnant women to listen, record and share the sound of their baby’s heartbeat with friends and family. Social sharing is available via email, text message, Twitter, What’sApp or Facebook.

Safety First:

My Baby’s Beat was created to make you feel safe. Before using the app, we recommend switching to airplane mode to avoid mobile emission.

My Baby’s Beat was launched in March 2011, and has been rated ever since as one of the top 10 apps ever in main worldwide markets: United States, United Kingdom, Japan and many more.

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Technology & Challenge

My Baby’s Beat is based on an algorithm that uses sound signals to amplify the sound of the fetus’s heart beat in the uterus and separate it from other noises including the mother’s heartbeat. We have created a fetal stethoscope tapping only into the smartphone’s microphone which was originally intended for speech only.


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